Gifting creates deeper connections.

Reachdesk is the only global, data-driven gifting platform that enables B2B companies to deliver moments that matter at scale. Reachdesk brings gifting to a new data-driven age putting an end to the gifting guesswork, wasted budgets, geographical restrictions, and time-consuming manual tasks.

The platform powers valuable engagement insight and granular reporting on ROI so that your budget is invested where it matters most. Reachdesk integrates with your tech stack to build gifting into your go-to-market strategy so that you can orchestrate highly-customized campaigns.

With Reachdesk, you have access to 1000s of eGift options available in all major currencies and a global network of responsibly selected marketplace vendors. We don’t charge a mark-up fee on any items and you only pay for the eGifts that get redeemed. Our goal is not to make you send more, but to send better and smarter. 

Above all, Reachdesk gift without asking for anything in return. They believe gifting creates deeper connections, and meaningful relationships count in driving long-term business success.



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You just can’t argue with the ROI we see with Reachdesk. It’s a really easy ask for me to invest more in gifting because the results speak for themselves.

Kelly Walters

Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft

Cold outbound email effectiveness dropped dramatically, and the only way we’ve been able to set high-quality meetings at scale lately has been through combining highly personalized outreach with relevant gifts and gift cards sent using Reachdesk.

Brandon Ray

Head of Sales Development, Sailthru

Global scalability was definitely a challenge for us before. Reachdesk has really helped with this because it enables us to send gifts across all of our different markets.

Hayley Strang

Head of Sales Development, Sailthru