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Dont let opportunities pass you by, EngageIQ identifies companies with active interests in your product using smart purchase intent data.

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Intelligent Sales Purchase Intent Data

Engage IQ is the smartest way to increase sales performance throughout your team. Using the latest in cutting-edge technology and purchase intent data, the platform will highlight the companies that your sales team should be targeting allowing you to create more opportunities in a shorter time.

How are Leaders Already Using our Purchase Intent Data Sales Software?

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Inside Sales

Increase the amount of sales conversations your team can handle, which will almost immediately see a positive impact on lead generation, reaching and breaking targets and empowering them to confidently take the company forward. Knowledge is power and Engage IQ’s purchase intent data software will gift this to your team.


Being able to implement purchase intent marketing strategies that work and being able to see this all in one place becomes a reality. The ability to use real-time insights and purchase intent data so that your marketing team can build great campaigns from untapped markets becomes easy with Engage IQ.


With pipeline increasing, your team can target a larger amount of end user conversations, empowering them with specific knowledge. All due to net new opportunities that are specific to your company’s product and verticals. Utilise purchase marketing strategies to help increase sales.

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What Can EngageIQ Do For You?

Increase Revenue
Greater Market Insight
Increase Pipeline
Reduce Churn
Unlock Expert Knowledge
Enable Your Team
Track ROI Effectively
Ease Target Pressures
Improve Forecasting
Clear Feedback Loops