The Sales Call

Nothing in the world of sales seems as daunting as the first cold sales call. From the opening line to the close it can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be like this! We make over 1 million sales calls a year and have developed a leading methodology to ensure you maximise your chances of success.  


Structuring the Sales Call

The sales call can sometimes seem like a type of black magic, a carefully constructed and guided conversation.

The truth is there are parallels that run through all sales calls of all sectors and products. Once you understand this structure you can apply it to all products. We spoke to a variety of sales professionals to understand this loose framework.

Top Sales Call Opening Lines

The first 10 seconds of a sales call can make or break its success. The opening line or the ‘impact statement’ needs to be concise and clear otherwise you might lose the prospect.

Find out how our sales team dissect their sales message and put together a concise opening to all of their calls. The aim isn’t to sell the dream but to trigger enough curiosity that the prospect gives you the time to continue your sales call.


The Sales Call Process

The art of the sales call is more than just the time spent on the phone. With much in business, it is all in the planning and management that will decide if the call has been a success.

Before the call you need to make sure you have done your research and are contacting the right prospect at the right time. After the sales call you need to make sure you are managing the meeting right if it has been a success, or following up if it has dropped into pipeline. To find out our full process then read our full guide.

The Ultimate Sales Call Script

Take a look at our ultimate sales call script. Use this to guide your sales calls and convert cold prospects into meetings. Currently our team are using this to book on average 100 new business meetings every week.

5 Golden Sales Call Tips

In a rush, then just view our top 5 sales call tips!