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  • The market has evolved to the point where people need to use sales management software to support their lead generation efforts.
  • All forms of prospecting, whether that’s through calls or email, are much more difficult than they have ever been, with lead management software needed to compete.
  • Engage IQ will help to guide your team towards the right companies to improve their results and will work with existing tools to do so. Our sales and marketing software works alongside these tools and improves the overall value that you see from them.
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How Engage IQ’s Unique Sales Platform Can Help You

The best way to see how our sales software can make a huge difference for you and your employees is to book a demo!

As many technology companies have already experienced, Engage IQ will improve your lead generation processes by empowering you with relevant intelligence to create a valuable and consistent pipeline utilizing sales management software. Our sales platform will give your sales and marketing teams the tools to work efficiently with quality purchase intent data.


Sales and Marketing Software that Utilises Cutting-Edge Technology

Engage IQ’s sales and marketing software works by highlighting which companies your team should be prospecting, based on the initiatives of those companies. Of course, your sales team will still need to make that all-important connection, our sales software won’t put them out of a job just yet, but they will be in the best possible place to do so with our sales platform.

Our research team generates on average 20,000 weekly calls that, once combined with our sales management software and unique AI and machine learning technology, provides purchase intent data that your team can leverage.

What are the Benefits of working with Engage IQ?

Not only will our sales and marketing software show you who you should be prospecting, but we will show you how to use it best with platform-specific training and best practices with lead management software. The introduction of a new sales platform into your team can, of course, be a headache. Our aim is to not only give you the tools but show you what to do and how best to utilise the sales software.

We want to help shape the future of prospecting and by joining our growing community of companies just like you, we can turn the challenge of prospecting into something of the past. Get in touch today and find out how we can empower your business with our unique sales platform.