Our Proven Sales Call Script

Getting a relevant prospect on the phone is 90% of the work. Make sure when you hear that phone pick up you are fully prepared to close them to next steps.

At EngageIQ we have roughly 1,500 conversationsa week, after 10 years in the industry we have put together this sales call script.

A guide to your messaging 

All of our sales call scripts that we produce at EngageIQ follow this same layout.

The idea being that you build raport quickly, show them how  your service or product can benefit their business and close directly with dates.

You will notice that we don’t discuss any features,  and instead focus on the benefits that businesses are seeing., Discussing various features or history of the company etc often leads to prospects getting bored, or worse, giving you objections before you can close. The idea here is to come away from this call with a meeting not to sell your product on the spot.

After the benefits, your sales call script needs to  include some bullet points outlining case studies/ benefits etc, so when the call transitions to more of a two way conversation you have enough information to handle the conversation and go back for a “re-close”. This re close is something you should be aiming for as often as is appropriate, and means answering the prospects question and guiding them back to the purpose of the conversation – to arrange a meeting. However, don’t simply re-close at all costs. There is nothing more frustrating for a prospect than a sales person who is paying no attention  to what they are saying, and instead only being interested in getting a meeting. Ensure you are understanding their concerns, showing empathy and then taking the time to explain how your offering will solve those concerns/ challenges.  

The Sales Call Script


Name, company, ice breaker.


“I believe you’re the best person to talk about with regards to…”. Never ask them if they are the best person, they will stop you if they’re not. Hope I have caught you at a good time, not is it a good time.


Gartner recommended, awards won, companies worked with.


Introduce the product in no more than 3 or 4 sentences. Give a few benefits and features as to why it will help the prospect and how it has helped similar ones.


The reason for the call. Ask if you can set some time aside to discuss the product/ solution with them in more detail. Keep it friendly and always give the prospect options too, you are more likely to agree a time and a date this way e.g. “would it be okay to come in for 45-60 minutes next week, or possibly the week after to discuss this in more detail and align it to any of your business goals” Or any other suitable close which matches the outcome of the call you are aiming for.


Pre-determined questions agreed that will define what constitutes a good meeting. For it to be well qualified, all question must be answered. There are usually 3-5 questions to ask.


Benefits show the end result of what a product can actually accomplish for the prospect. 6 or 7 bullet points giving quick benefits of the product. These points will be benefits over current potential environments and over rival products. Important to distinguish between benefits and features (see below)


Features are surface statements of the product, such as what it can do 6 or 7 bullet points giving quick features of the product.


Common objections you may face and how to handle them.


Relevant case studies to reference on the call.

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