The Sales Call Process

Its all very well trying to call your prospects day and night in the hope that one of your attempts will connect. However, the best SDRs know that they need to adopt an omni channel approach to reach their prospects. Without putting in place a stringent outbound process your attempts will fall by the wayside.

Luckily we have included two of our most successful sales cadences below so you to can increase your connection rate with your prospects.

Tried and Tested Sales Cadence

Cadence 1

Cadence 2

Both sales processes use 4 different outreach methods. The obvious being calling and emailing but also they both incorporate the use of both video and social media platforms to increase the chance of success.

The success of this comes through consistently contacting a prospect over the course of 20-24 days over a variety of different mediums. In truth the hope is that a prospect will convert at some point during this process and you can remove them from the rest of the cadence.

Calling still makes up the bulk of the first cadence. In our opinion it is still the best way to convert a prospect from a cold engagement. If you are looking for any tips on how to approach this part of the cadence then take a look at our guides here.

Email is going to be a great way to catch a prospect when they are away from their desk. Pretty much everyone has 24/7 access to their work emails now, here you can connect with the prospect while they are dashing in and out of meetings. The chances are you are trying to contact senior members of staff who are likely to be tied up all day and have very little time for a call so do not ignore this step of the cadence, even if it is more effort than just dropping them a call. If you are looking at how best to optimise for email then take a look at our guide here.

Social media is ingrained in everyone’s day to day lives now. In the business world non reigns over LinkedIn. The chances are your prospect will be active on this platform. Connecting with them might not reap the same rewards as emailing but it puts you in their ‘mind space’ meaning when you do eventually reach them you have a higher chance of success.

n Day

Finally video. This has only just made its way into our sales call process. This is a way to stand out from the crowd. To interrupt your prospects daily routine. The person you are aiming to talk to probably gets hundreds of cold calls per year and are well adept at identifying a sales call early doors. To stand out from the rest why not opt to send them a short video. Bear in mind however this is only there to grab their attention and bait a response back so keep it short! You aren’t the next Spielberg.

Talk to an Expert

Our SDRs are putting this call structure into practice every day. If you are an SDR yourself and want to chat about best practice or quiz them about any tips and tricks then reach out below!

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