The Sales Call Opening Lines to Break the Ice

How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice. Okay, this might be straight out of the book of cheesy chat up lines, but the sales call opening line is the same premise. It only needs to be just enough to break the ice.

We spoke to some of our top-performing SDRs to find the opening lines that they use day in day out to warm up their prospects.

Mention the Weather!

As sales call opening lines go this must be up there as one of the most British. No ice breaker comes close.

Our SDR James Davies says this ice breaker is effective because it is so familiar. Small talk has been positioned around the ever-changing British weather since our ancestors set foot on this small isle, so it only makes sense that this would transition into the sales call. James likes this opener as well as it can sometimes lead to further conversation and even jokes about how classic the chat really is. Next time give it a spin especially when it is overtly sunny or when the classic grey skies come in.

The ‘Pre 09:00am’

Use the time of day to your advantage. This is a clever way to ascertain if they are free and open to speaking without overtly asking them.

‘Hi, very aware it is pre 09:00am I haven’t caught you having breakfast, or anything have I?’ The chances are very high that you haven’t caught them in the middle of breakfast so them answering they aren’t gives you permission to carry on with your pitch. If you ask someone when a good time for a sales call is they will probably reply with ‘never’ so don’t open your sales call with a generic ‘have I caught you at a bad time?’ as they are far more likely to say yes. This can then be extrapolated out to ‘haven’t caught you at lunch?’ ‘have I caught you running into a meeting?’ and ‘have I caught you trying to dart off home?’. Mix it up enough and there really isn’t a time of day that you won’t be able to use a variation of this line!

The Holidays

Us salespeople will forever be thankful for standardised holidays throughout the year. For the months of December and January, the ice breakers are pretty much written for you.

Yes, okay sometimes this can be used a little to much. There is nothing worse than opening a sales call with merry Christmas as soon as November the 1st. Luckily advent calendars have allowed us to start this custom promptly on December 1st however. Then if you carry this through into January asking how the break was and ultimately if they have any projects to start the year then that’s 1/6th of your year that your opening lines are written for you. Also it seems perfectly normal to ask about summer holidays in July and August and there we have it, a short sharp way to build rapport.

Talk to an Expert

Our SDRs are putting these sales call openers into practice every day. If you are an SDR yourself and want to chat about best practice or quiz them about any tips and tricks then reach out below!

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