Introducing EngageIQ

Empower your Inside Sales Team Through Digital Lead Generation

EngageIQ is a platform built by Inside Sales experts, for your Inside Sales team. With over 9 years of experience in business development and digital lead generation, we have built a platform that not only serves to create a consistent sales pipeline for your team but also contributes to the long-term success of that team (arguably one of the most challenging parts of the sales process).

So, what exactly does it do for your team beyond building a more stable pipeline of opportunities?

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Ease Target Pressures

As we are all aware, targets can encourage and drive a team forward, meaning that they are always working at their optimum. However, on the flip side targets can often seem daunting and almost unattainable to newer members of the team. EngageIQ can kick start and motivate the team, by identifying companies with relevant intent to maximise the number of opportunities they are generating through telemarketing, mail marketing and LinkedIn prospecting. In doing so, this will help drive your team on to higher levels of performance.

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Reduce Churn

One of the biggest problems facing Inside Sales Teams today, which impacts the success of the businesses approach to lead generation, is employee churn rate. As we all know, the start of a new job can be tough and building the required level of resilience is a long process. By providing insight into companies with relevant goals, the BDR can get some easy ‘quick wins’ under their belt, motivating them onto the next. Higher performing inside sales teams makes for happy teams, and happy teams stay with a business for much longer.

Unlock Expert Knowledge

Building a fully functioning Inside Sales Team can be a tough job. This goes part of the way to why so many are choosing to outsource this function of their business completely to improve IT lead generation. However, with EngageIQ, you not only get access to a wealth of intelligence but also to our expert Customer Success team. This team have had years of experience helping clients to build out successful inside sales teams who are able to positively impact their technology lead generation. Our training program not only helps your team make the most out of the intelligence provided on EngageIQ but also best practice on the day to day job.

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Greater Market Insight for Greater Lead Generation

Keeping up to date with what messages are resonating well in particular spaces can be a nightmare to an Inside Sales team. Success is largely dependent on making sure that the message this team are presenting to their prospects is something that resonates with them. EngageIQ gives you an insight into that particular company and can give you a clear idea of trends and adapt your other messaging to reflect these, increasing the success of your lead generation.

Building a competent Inside Sales Team can be difficult, however, EngageIQ goes a long way to ease this process. On top of increasing pipeline and tech lead generation opportunities, the software can build a more cohesive unit, and combined with our leading customer success team, this leads to a more efficient sales team.

Find Out More

Want to see a demo or simply find out how we are already helping companies achieve their new business goals then get in contact and one of our team can talk you through it.

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