Of the many sales and marketing terms that you’ll encounter, some are self-explanatory whereas others can leave you lost in jargon. From CRM to CRO and beyond, you can be forgiven for getting your churn rate mixed with your bounce rate. Demand Orchestration is another such term that may not immediately ring a bell, but one that you shouldn’t ignore. Simply put, it is a MarTech practice that is becoming increasingly important to many businesses in recent years.

Within B2B marketing, the term refers to how the top of the funnel (TOFU) information and activities are handled and how leads at this stage are processed and ‘funnelled’ down to create sales pipeline. Increasingly, this has become a complex process, with various pieces of the puzzle needing to be orchestrated by marketing and sales professionals. This is where demand orchestration software plays a big role.

Demand Orchestration Software

With large amounts of data and various marketing channels needing to be coordinated effectively, being able to streamline these efficiently can be a mammoth task. Demand Orchestration Software is designed to take out the hard-work and time-consuming aspects of this and work as an essential tool in your corner. The end goal is to provide your business with an increasing amount of conversions and reduce the number of resources you would normally use to achieve this. It’s the next step in automation from the development of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA).

Centralizing these processes has become increasingly important for marketing and sales professionals everywhere so that you can work smarter and reduce the legwork. Demand Orchestration software automates many of the tasks that, done manually, could take a lot of time such as nurturing prospects. If having many of the manual tasks that are non-strategic taken over by an automation tool sounds like a lifesaver, you will want to consider Demand Orchestration Software.

The Age of Automation

With automation credited by 74% of marketers as time-saving, as well as 58% reporting increased opportunities when using, it’s easy to understand why Demand Orchestration Software is driving successes everywhere. Along with Demand Orchestration, our own sales software is designed to guide your teams towards greater lead generation, with the age of automation within sales and marketing never being so rich with options.

Everybody wants to work smarter, streamline processes and give themselves more time to focus on prospecting; Demand Orchestration Software helps to keep it all together. However, with its rapid rise, more on more businesses are spending big on automation methods, meaning finding the right software is becoming increasingly crowded. However you choose to approach the next big thing in MarTech, Demand Orchestration won’t be a term you’ll forget anytime soon.

In much the same vein as demand orchestration driving automation forward, sales and marketing platforms are also leading the way for automation within businesses. Intelligent, machine learning AI software such as EngageIQ ensures your team can work smarter by automating the most time-consuming tasks. Speak to us today and book a demo to find out how EngageIQ can make a huge difference for your business with efficient automation.