Freddie Marryat, Marketing Manager, EngageIQ

You have two choices when it comes to sales intelligence platforms. You can have one platform that provides passable data for several markets, or you can have several specialised platforms that excel in specific regions. 

The question is: do you spend big money on a global data platform or invest in dedicated tools for each regional market?

If you’re serious about growing sales in the UK (or any other market for that matter), then it isn’t really a question in our opinion. Whether you have a global budget for sales and marketing tools or a regional one, investing part of it into a specific platform for the UK will pay far greater dividends in the long run.

Why Companies Choose Global Sales Tools

When sales and marketing managers look for sales intelligence tools, most default to a global solution like ZoomInfo. We don’t blame them, in all honesty. Opting for a single solution offers several benefits:

  • Easy procurement and budget sign-off
  • Globalised processes
  • Good data for U.S. markets
  • Data available in multiple other regions (UK, DACH, APAC, etc)

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t necessarily deliver results. Streamlining processes with one tool can actually make things more complicated and cause your team to be less effective.

“Whether you have a global budget for  tools or a regional one, investing part of it into a specific sales platform for the UK will pay far greater dividends in the long run”

Global Sales Platforms Create Multiple Problems

What’s the problem with global sales tools? It all comes down to the quality of regional data on these platforms.

Typically, global data platforms will be headquartered in the U.S. and focus on the American market. That’s great if your core sales team is based in New York, but it doesn’t help your London or Frankfurt offices.

Regional data is often an afterthought for these platforms and not part of their core offering. Even data that seems adequate at first blush can quickly become outdated. That’s because these platforms rarely have teams dedicated to refreshing existing data or qualifying new sources when they are added.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The tip of the Iceberg

The Opportunity Cost of Bad Data

Global tools don’t just have a data problem; there’s also a business cost that occurs when sales teams persevere with ill-suited sales intelligence platforms. 

Even the best SDRs will become less productive when saddled with poor quality data. They’ll spend too much time researching to compensate for inaccurate data, which will mean fewer calls, fewer conversations, and, ultimately, fewer meetings.

They may also spend too much time focused on the wrong people. Or struggle to have meaningful conversations because of the lack of insight.

In all cases, the end result is a reduction in pipeline. 

Even if you save money by settling for a global data platform in the short-term, you could end up costing your organisation significantly more new business in the long run.

A Dedicated Tool Solves These Issues

There’s simply no point in purchasing a subscription to a global data platform that is ineffective for regional sales teams. You’re hamstringing their sales efforts before they begin, putting them at a disadvantage to UK sales teams using UK-specific tools.

Level the playing field and empower them to succeed by giving them access to a sales intelligence tool dedicated to their target market. 

Data from a regional tool will be verified and updated far more regularly than a global platform. There will also be far more entries if the data is sourced locally — and more detailed entries, too.

That last part is key. It’s one thing for reps to have the right contact details for an account, it’s another to understand why the product they’re selling is relevant. Few dedicated tools provide that kind of granular data, but zero global platforms do.

EngageIQ: Updated Daily and Used to Book 400+ Meetings

If you’re serious about empowering your UK sales team with a dedicated intelligence platform, EnageIQ should be your first port of call. 

We have dozens of reps calling into our database every single day, so you can bet the data is accurate, relevant and insightful. We’re so confident in our data quality that it’s the only database our parent company EngageTech uses. 

That’s right, the revenue of an entire outsourced inside sales company is generated by a single team using the EngageIQ database alone.

The quality of our data is so high that businesses that have previously focused on the U.S. and other markets can quickly and successfully make in-roads into the UK. TalkDesk, for instance, found the accuracy and quality of our data to be unrivalled. Conversion rates increased by 30% when they switched to EngageIQ with ROI clear for all to see. 

Interested in seeing similar results? Then speak to one of our consultants for more information.