Data is the driver behind most sales and marketing professionals’ workflow, without it there would be a lot of surmising and no real accuracy when it comes to judging their target audience. Data allows proper analysis, so what happens when you have not just some, but huge quantities of data? How can you organise and analyse it effectively to not be overwhelmed by it? The answer is to use an intent platform.

Any large datasets you are handling are best to be used through an intent platform to not only save your sanity but to properly filter through the vast sums of intent data. Knowing an individual’s behavioural information is all very well if it’s not clear what the context is and you can’t easily extract information from it. The idea of an intent platform is to make this whole process much simpler, quicker and effective to enable sales and marketing teams to see the information they need and focus on the important part; lead generation.

Intent Data Drives an Intent Platform

An intent platform brings together all the elements you need to create high-quality leads for prospecting, based on the intent data that’s fed through. Utilising a large dataset, intent platforms are a powerful way to make the confusing seem clear and to allow sales and marketing professionals to take a huge leap with increasing sales pipeline. Our very own intent platform fuses cutting-edge artificial intelligence with an unrivalled dataset to provide sales and marketing teams enviable insight into markets.

To gain a sense of just how far sales and marketing have fully immersed itself in intent data, it’s worth looking at the facts. With 61% of marketers saying generating traffic and leads is their top challenge and 75% saying closing more deals is their company’s top sales priority for 2019, you can see at a glance how important the use proper use of intent data is. Currently, 67% of marketing leaders use a marketing automation platform, with this expected to grow by an additional 21% in the next two years. There’s never been more demand for intent platforms that can improve working processes than the present.

The Competitive World of Intent Platforms

Naturally, the huge rise in Martech means there are various intent platforms available looking to help with prospecting and filtering vast datasets. Knowing which ones to use and those that are best suited for your business can be a very difficult process to navigate.

Here at EngageTech, we are always happy to discuss our vision and how EngageIQ presents sales and marketing with unrivalled opportunities for their future. We’d love to show you our industry-leading database in action and show you how it can make your sales and marketing teams stronger.

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