Among all the things you need to focus on as a business, the intentions of your customer base are one of the highest priorities to understand, especially in the age of search. With an estimated 4 billion Google searches conducted online every day, with as many as 90% of consumers undecided on a brand before they search (Status Labs, 2018), you can start to see very clearly the value of understanding search intent. But what are the main areas of search intent you need to be aware of and how can you begin to use this understanding to work smarter with personalisation?

There are four main areas that a user’s search intent breaks down into; informational, navigational, commercial and transactional. Being able to fully understand these areas is paramount when it comes to crafting your sales message and will help make personalisation that much easier to achieve for you and your sales team.

Types of Search Intent for Personalisation

If a user wants to find an answer to a particular question, this is called an informational search. Normally, this is in the form of a who, what, where, when, why or how question, such as ‘How does EngageIQ work?’. Navigational searches are where someone is seeking a specific page or site as a resource, normally centred around a brand, for example, ‘EngageIQ Software’. A commercial search is when a user knows what they want to buy and is researching before proceeding to purchase, typically using words like ‘compare’, ‘best’ or ‘review’. Finally, transactional searches are when someone is looking to buy something and will usually be product or service-specific, using intentional words like ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’.

These four types of search will differ between users and most people will fall into each type at some point, depending on what they already have knowledge of. If someone already knows a lot about a service or product then they are usually more likely to perform transactional searches, having already got the information they need. Any sales or marketing professional who can master these types of search intent, and base their approach appropriately, will be able to personalise directly to their target audience.

Search Intent to Empower You & Your Business

Being able to harness the power of search intent to your advantage cannot be understated, with personalisation a critical part of sales and marketing. This is why it is vital your sales teams workEngageIQ platform can provide long-term success for your team, learning what it is your target audience wants and helping to provide a consistent sales pipeline.

With only 22% of businesses satisfied with their conversion rates (Econsultancy, 2016), finding new ways to improve CRO is extremely important; let us help you make a difference. If you want to improve your conversions and prospecting opportunities, speak to us today about EngageIQ software. We conduct 20,000 unique calls per week, designed to deliver increased opportunities and a smarter way for you to prospect. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you how EngageIQ can be an integral part of your future success.