It’s difficult to imagine a world where the two were not fused together, but technology today is very much a part of marketing and there’s no going back. As with most sectors, the innovation and seemingly endless possibilities of technology are hard to ignore, with Martech continuing to rise in stock. Examples of Martech can be found everywhere and for good reason, with digital technology rapidly evolving and its implementation into people’s daily lives becoming more and more commonplace, there’s never been more opportunity for marketers to take advantage.

Even as a buzzword, Martech is becoming the easiest way to describe collectively the number of different marketing technology systems available for marketers. But what can be attributed to why there has been a steady rise in these tools? With Martech now the “single most significant area of investment for marketing resources” taking up a reported third of a company’s marketing budgets according to Gartner’s CMO survey, the heavy investment is set to keep rising.

The Great Martech Revolution

The main significance of Martech is the ease in which it handles data and enables marketers to be able to plan and successfully implement marketing strategies in much shorter timeframes, streamlining many processes. It also makes things much easier to engage with a target audience than before, something that in the pre-social media days was a much more difficult task. It’s quite commonplace for a company to use several different tools together rather than just a sole system. This collective, known as a Martech Stack, can give marketers a huge advantage with any given campaign.

The differing types of Martech tools can be split into different areas which include:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Analytics Tools
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social Media Management

When these are all used together is where Martech really makes huge gains for any marketer looking to implement a successful marketing strategy. This is because using a combination of software that covers all of this will ensure everything is addressed in a marketing cycle. Martech also automates the most tedious and time-consuming parts of a marketing campaign, allow marketers to focus on much more pressing tasks, increasing productivity where it counts.

Smart Martech Use

Of course, how a company decides on the various Martech tools available will differ across the board and really comes down to what you want to achieve. It’s very clear though that the rise of Martech is continuing into 2019 and will continue to change the way marketers work.

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