It is no understatement to say data is a dominant force today, with companies investing huge amounts into their own data mining and extracting resources. The numbers behind why this is are truly astounding; IBM reported that 90% of all data had been created within the last two years, with this stunning stat highlighted by the fact 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created by people every single day. When you look at the numbers, you’d be forgiven for feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed.

With an ever-increasing amount of internet users each year, the need for companies to harness the vast amounts of data is very difficult to ignore, especially if they want to stay relevant to their consumers. A recent study conducted by Accenture showed that 82% of executives say their organisations are relying on data to drive decision-making, with the risk of bad data potentially harming companies in the long-term. With all this data being gathered and analysed, this raises the question of how can you ensure the data you are using is trusted? Your marketing and sales campaigns need it to be.

Death by Data

With the staggering amount of data available, it can be very difficult to find a place to start, with many sales and marketing professionals tasked with filtering out the bad from the good. Too much data can mean inaccuracies, which can lead to data burnout or a ‘death by data’ scenario. Whichever way you look at it, the need for accurate data mining and the ability to analyse this efficiently for your business is vital. Inevitably you’re going to need support when it comes to a task that can make or break a campaign.

To stay on top of the data, bespoke machine learning is needed which makes the task of sifting through the information much easier, providing intelligence on this to put you and your business in an enviable position. This is something we do daily for our clients with a platform designed to propel them to the next level of prospecting. With a vast dataset at your disposal, cutting edge AI and machine learning technology can provide huge strides in the way a company delivers its sales and marketing strategies.

The Data Dominance Decade

Assisting companies to generate huge growth, by harnessing data and automation to drive sales and marketing campaigns, is at the core of what we do and is what companies need to engage in as we head into 2020 and the next decade. The data dominance is unwavering and will continue to be so, with many businesses in danger of being left behind.

Most tech companies are discussing this with their clients, highlighting the important role AI is having with driving businesses forward. What was once a ‘trend’, is very much now at the heart of how people conduct business. With 79% of executives agreeing data is the basis of their most critical systems and strategies, many have yet to invest in the technology to verify the data sufficiently. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to take that next step.

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