There is nothing worse than your work becoming monotonous, day after day of the same old processes and approaches that you’re still hoping will reap continuous rewards; variety is the spice of life as they say, but how can you add that spice into your own work approach?

What can you do to not only change up your approach but also greatly benefit it? Understanding how things have become much harder in the way you work will help you identify how you can work much smarter, bringing about positive change to your marketing and sales performance.

Stopping the Bad Habits

One of the biggest roads towards monotony is normally self-inflicted; once you let bad habits slip into your daily routine it can be difficult to identify them the longer you allow them to continue. This can be as simple as feeling unmotivated or resting on past successes that give hope everything will work out without actively chasing them.

Some of these are behavioural, but other times bad habits creep in from spending less time on what’s important. Staying focused can be difficult at the best of times, but when admin or time spent daily on other tasks becomes an excuse for a lack of sales and marketing strategy focus, that’s when alarm bells should ring.

Work Smarter with Automation

Being able to spend less time on the things that take up a lot of time is a goal most sales and marketing professionals would agree universally on. In fact, with 27% of salespeople spending more than an hour on data entry each day and with 75% of companies saying closing more deals is their top sales priority, you can see that something’s got to give. Fortunately, there are many tools available, like the EngageIQ platform, that will make sure your focus stays on track. By implementing tools and systems that will put the focus purely back on what’s important, you’ll be easing target pressures and improving pipeline for the long-term.

By being able to devote your time to your selling and marketing strategy, your productivity will go through the roof, turning smart work into hard work. Turning traditional methods on their head and finding new ways to approach your workday, using advanced tools that implement artificial intelligence that works, will create more time to leave those monotonous tasks behind.

Using Automation Tools to Complement Your Process

It’s all very well finding a great tool like EngageIQ, but it can’t do it all; you’ll still need to make sure you’re working at your best to turn smart work into hard work. Implementing automation tools is one thing, getting the best out of them is another, which is why we can help train and guide you into maximum productivity. Creating good habits still needs to come from within, as if you still procrastinate or slip back into old routines, no amount of software is going to benefit you.

Find out more about how EngageIQ can help you work as smart as possible today; contact us and book in for a demo to see what it can do for you.