Receiving something personalised has a positive effect, fact; if somebody or something has gone to the trouble of personalising their efforts specifically to you, then it’s bound to make you feel a little bit special. At least that’s the idea anyway, with personalisation very effective if done correctly. How does this translate into marketing? Well pretty simply, it’s about targeting the correct people by learning about them; what they like, what their interests are and so on. In the past, this was achieved through mass personalisation, whereby a general idea of the audience was drawn from market research. In the 21st century, personalisation has many options to provide an opportunity for sales and marketing professionals, but are they taking full advantage of the options?

Sophisticated Targeting Technology

Never has there been so many platforms available to sales and marketers than today, with social media’s dominance and the rise of intelligent software platforms, like EngageIQ, making the job much less insurmountable. However, there are still many professionals who are struggling to implement targeted personalisation in their strategies. Many companies are still relying on basic methods for this, such as targeting someone by addressing their name or birthday for example, with only a reported 7% of organisations prioritising personalisation compared to other areas according to Econsultancy’s 2019 Digital Trends report. Considering how rich personalisation can be for a company, this stat is surprisingly low.

So, why should companies look to focus targeted personalisation that goes beyond the tired, basic methods? Well, mainly because that’s what the consumer is demanding. Research carried out by Pure360 last year showed that consumers are not engaged with basic personalisation anymore, with 31% demanding a far more personalised experience. Additionally, 59% of respondents to a survey carried out by Sitecore, confirmed they have experienced brand’s using out of date information about them or wrong information completely. This all points to the importance of using personalisation correctly, using up to date information, to successfully target consumers.

Personalisation for Power

To be effective, companies need to leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualised messages and product offerings to their current or prospective customers, otherwise, they are in danger of being left behind by others that are doing so. Without the correct understanding of their target audience’s motivations and habits, how can sales and marketing professionals succeed? The answer is not easily, which is why having the correct strategy in place for personalisation is the only way to take advantage of the rich potential it can bring.

Being expected to do this alone is a mammoth task, which is why platforms like EngageIQ will help you achieve more productivity within your sales teams and show you precise prospects to start making those important connections. Utilising an intelligent platform will make things much easier in the long-term and we can happily show you how.

If you can fully understand your audience, you’ll be able to connect in ways that you wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago. Don’t be left behind by using tired methods that are not resonating with your consumers; make personalisation a higher priority in your approach today.