Is Cold Calling Becoming Harder?

Anyone working in a business that utilises cold calling understands how the practice can feel like a losing battle, and there are some rather disheartening statistics out there that all claim to prophesise the end of days for cold calling. But is cold calling really becoming harder? Or is there something you can do to revitalise the tactics your business uses and convert those dials into sales again?

Has Cold Calling Cooled Off?

Of course, we’ve all seen the studies that claim the best time to make cold calls is first thing in the morning and at the end of the day, and endless tips on building trust, but none of that matters if the calls aren’t being made to the right people. You can have the most talented sales team in the world, but if they’re calling people who aren’t going to entertain the conversation, it’s a waste of their time.

There is an undeniable link between the rise of smartphones and the internet with lower cold call success rates. In an ever-more connected world, when a stranger calls out of the blue, people are less interested in finding out what they have to say and less likely to give them a chance to say it. That’s not to say that there is nobody out there who isn’t willing to hear from your business – but it can be near impossible to find them if you’re dialing blindly.

The best way to increase the success of your cold calling is by doing thorough research into who is likely to be interested in whatever you’re selling, and out of these people, who is likely to buy? Proper lead generation processes can take up the vast majority of your team’s efforts, with 61% of marketers citing this as their biggest challenge.

How to Make Cold Calling Easy Again

With EngageIQ’s AI-empowered sales software, your company can reclaim this lost time and improve the likelihood of each connection resulting in more revenue brought into your business. EngageIQ works by taking over the arduous task of lead generations and continually improves as it gets to know your business. Here’s how it works:

  • Our research team generates 20,000 each week, building an extensive data set
  • This data is fed into our innovative artificial intelligence system, which turns it into a list of potential leads
  • Your sales team access the list via our easy-to-use sales management software and do what they do best – sell!
  • The sales team then inputs a simple feedback rating on the success of each suggestion, and our machine learning technology uses this information to further improve its suggestions to your business

With more time to spend making calls and having a smarter call list, you’ll see that cold calling isn’t becoming harder… it’s actually much easier these days, as long as you have the right information at your disposal. EngageIQ gives you all the information you need and so much more.