For as long as most people can remember, cold calling has been the best weapon in a salesperson’s armoury and sometimes the only way to drive sales forward. As much as prospects on the receiving end may not always appreciate a call out of the blue, it would present a foot in the door so to speak to build an all-important relationship. But in the present day, is cold calling still the best method to increase sales pipeline?

It’s certainly not disappeared, that’s for sure, with many sales and marketing professionals opting for this tried and tested method. The question really should be how have people adjusted their cold-calling techniques and what can they do to implement better habits. Last year, lots of industry insight forecast the death of cold calling mainly because of plans unveiled by Google and their new Duplex assistant. If an AI assistant can make or take a call on your behalf, how can cold calling survive? It would be the ultimate gatekeeper, but the reality a year on is cold calling is still surviving.

The Cold-Calling Evolution

It’s been reported that 25% of calls made by Google Duplex begin with a human and are not fully automated. Good news for cold-calling, however when 40% of salespeople report cold-calling as the most challenging part of the process and 72% of calls resulting in outright rejections, it’s clear sales and marketing professionals need to change their approach.

The best habit is to use all the available resources, one of which is an intelligent sales platform that can do most of the hard work. Engagement is key, with social media a prime way to build this quickly as well as being as natural and human as possible when prospecting. It’s tough to change habits, but cold calling alone is no longer the best approach, with the need for many more skills vital.

Using tools to improve Your Approach

Having a platform to build on is the way forward, with machine learning AI able to make the task of prospecting much less daunting. EnagegIQ can highlight from an extensive dataset the prospects you should be focusing on and thus improve the quality of these, avoiding the need to contact prospects that are unlikely to convert. Being able to focus on quality prospecting and having lots of data to work with can’t be understated in the modern sales world.

With so many resources available now, it’s easy to see how the debate around cold calling’s future gathered pace, as it’s true that method alone in the traditional sense is not as effective as it once was. But, with the rise of Martech and tools like our sales software, there’s every need to see cold calling as still viable as long as its evolving.

We’d love to show you how EngageIQ can help sharpen your prospecting and banish ineffective cold calling techniques; why not contact us and we’ll help you book a demo.