mTab, Customer Insight Solution

Top Line

A six-month campaign to identify net-new contacts across a very small enterprise target account pool. EngageIQ empowered SDRs to make more calls, have better conversations and work more autonomously.

The Brief

mTAB is a leading provider of data-driven customer and market intelligence solutions, data analysis and visualisation.

The target market for mTab is small, however. The company is incredibly successful in the automotive industry, FMCG, manufacturing, and with big data market research firms. But not every company within those markets will be a suitable user. Hence, it’s imperative SDRs understand the market if they are to succeed.

Traditionally, mTAB has done little marketing. Instead, they have grown organically through mergers and acquisitions. Our key point of contact, VP Marketing, was brought on board by mTAB to grow the marketing and inside sales department. 

After putting an automation tool and CRM in place, mTab went out to the marketplace to find a reliable method of booking meetings with enterprise clients.

Having spoken to existing contacts at our parent company, EngageTech, the VP Marketing was informed of the beta version of EngageIQ.

Initially, the mTab team had reservations about how EngageIQ would fit into the marketing tech stack. Specifically, they needed:

  • A standalone product that allowed SDRs to gain intelligent intent data without polluting the CRM and automation tool with early-stage funnel leads. 

  • From a marketing perspective, a tool to enable SDRs to find net new contacts within an essentially very small pool of target accounts.

  • Give SDRs the tools and process to refine and improve their pitch themselves


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EngageIQ solved all those problems and more. Over a six-month trial of the platform, mTab was able to dramatically improve the effectiveness of its SDRs, allowing the VP Marketing to focus more time on strategy.

SDRs were able to go onto the platform every morning, prioritise the target accounts being profiled, quickly understand who to contact without further research, when to call and what to say. 

The VP Marketing was able to complement their priority list with tactical execution marketing, report back to the CEO on the success of campaigns and free up time to work on the strategic side of marketing the business.

In particular, mTab achieved the following:

  • Acceleration of the number of accounts targeted
  • Successful SDRs and a marked increase in dials per day
  • Autonomous SDRs – they became less reliant on the marketing department
  • Better communication between marketing and inside sales

“Unfortunately this gem of a platform is only available in the EMEA region at the moment. I look forward to R&D development in the future, which will widen the platform so we can use it across all key regions”