Convergence Group, CaaS Experts

Convergence Group is a leading provider of telecoms and network infrastructure. Founded in 1999 it has grown with the belief that everyone should have access to reliable connectivity in a fairer and more flexible way. Convergence Group offers a market disrupting CaaS (Connectivity-as-a-Service) solution. It is a completely plug-and-play, total network solution that is delivered through a single supplier contract. Encompassing LAN, WAN, security, voice and cloud, it aggregates the latest technologies from a variety of vendors and carriers into a complete, interconnected service.

Convergence Group currently connects people all over the globe and their client base includes leading organisations like: Toyota, Spire Healthcare, NHS, Hospedia. After achieving a variety of accreditations from ISO certifications to HSCN and PSN, Convergence Group have made their stamp as one of the leading lights in the networks space.

The Opportunity

In 2019 Convergence Group had robust plans to accelerate their growth and brought on a New sales director to spearhead this strategy. From there they brought on a number of experienced salespeople and an SDR to feed them opportunities.

Their main issue was with the aggressive growth strategy they needed a way to kick start their pipeline. They couldn’t afford to spend time growing a number of accounts from cold and researching their best fit accounts. They had spent a substantial sum on hiring new experienced salespeople and the SDR was under pressure to get them opportunities to work on. Convergence Group started to assess a number of solutions to reduce the time it took an SDR to book a meeting.

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The Solution

Today, Convergence Group use EngageIQ to aid their SDR. By feeding them a steady stream of prospects with a pain of challenge that Convergence Group could solve, their SDR can engage with the prospects in a much more intelligent manner and reduce the time they spend researching the accounts.

EngageIQ also provides Convergence Group with the most engaged contacts at each business allowing them to create conversations and spark interest in their products faster.

The Benefits

On the SDRs very first day of using the EngageIQ platform they were able to book a new business meeting with one of the most engaged companies using the intelligence that EngageIQ provided them. This was only possible since the SDR was able to approach them with a personalised pitch that highlighted Convergence Groups strengths in solving the problem that they were current experiencing at the business.

Over the course of the POC their SDRs output per month increased by 30%, resulting in 40 attended new business meetings over a two month period.”