As we head towards the end of another busy year, it’s time to start reflecting on what trends have been taking the world by storm and what will be the ones to look out for in 2020. There are many words and phrases that suddenly become commonplace, some used (or overused) a lot, whilst others may have faded over the year. Here, we’ll break down the 5 buzzwords that we can see will carry on trending into next year.

Artificial Intelligence

This is one we very much believe will continue to trend 2020 and beyond, due to the advancement of artificial intelligence in software accelerating and becoming an essential part of the way businesses conduct their research, strategies and day to day processes. With AI able to take the tasks that are the most time consuming and formulaic, allowing potentially a third of marketing data analysts more time to focus on priorities, the rise of machine learning tech will change the technology landscape forever for the better. We’ll even go as far to say this will continue to trend into 2021, such is its prominence today.


In much the same vein as AI, Hyperautomation is a term that rose to prominence this year and looks set to stay going into 2020. A catch-all term referring to machine learning tech that can automate many human tasks in much less time, automation is already something we have all been working alongside for a few years now, but Hyperautomation is the next step to a much more sophisticated approach. With 79% of top-performing companies already using automation for three years or more, the natural progression is to the next stage of automation developing into seamless, human-rivalling efficiency.

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Voice as UI

The next big thing that is rapidly rising since the consumer market started to adopt voice technology, voice as user interface (VUI) will continue to be everywhere. The ease of which we can now communicate just through voice with an AI and with an estimated 50% of all online searches being voice searches next year (Hubspot), its clear why this is continuing to trend. With voice search dominating the landscape for the foreseeable future and Google’s own BERT update centring around this, it’s essential that technology markets do not underestimate voice as UI.

Mobile First

One of the more self-explanatory buzzwords, mobile first has been a focus for many tech companies over the last few years, but going into 2020 it will become increasingly prominent. The importance of understanding user habits, with mobile use commonly the go-to route over traditional desktop, as well as the increasing use of mobile first applications and sites in business processes, means this buzzword is going nowhere for the foreseeable future. With mobile use now representing 7 in 10 digital media minutes and smartphone apps accounting for half of all digital time spent (Hubspot), mobile first thinking is the way to go.


Closely linked to the rise of immersive experiences, multi-experience refers to intelligent machine learning platforms or technology that empowers users to elevate their work processes. Being able to have a system in place that multiple people within a business can use to gain greater insight is invaluable, meaning rather than relying on a few people with expert knowledge, a whole team or company can be empowered to improve. This buzzword will trend into 2020 because of the increasing number of wearables and multisensory interfaces being developed, meaning businesses will be talking a lot about the multi-experience as a vision, gaining invaluable information from users that will elevate software platforms further.

These are just some of the buzzwords you can expect to hear lots more from beyond 2019, with EngageIQ invested in keeping an eye on the current and upcoming trends. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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