Job security is never far from anyone’s mind, especially when companies are looking for ways to streamline processes and ultimately cut costs. So, you’ll be pleased to know that with the steady rise in artificial intelligence that can change the way companies work, there’s one more thing to worry about. But can AI really get to a place where you could be replaced by an algorithm and lose your job? Well, that depends on lots of factors…

For many years depending on who you asked, the forecasts have predicted an increase in autonomy across many different industries, with earlier this year a reported 40% of jobs to be affected in the next 15 years and be replaced by robots. An alarming statistic on its own, but when you delve deeper things aren’t quite what they seem. Rather than a future that looks to replace humans, AI will work alongside us to our benefit. Although some tasks are destined to be completely automated, such as driving, others will find job roles evolving to include machine learning AI to complement their work.

AI to Improve Work Processes

The development of AI serves a purpose to improve the way we work day to day, rather than leave us all out of work. Machine learning Artificial Intelligence as we know it is a tool to raise productivity in more important areas, such as sales prospecting so that less time is spent doing the menial tasks. Our platform, for example, works with a vast dataset that otherwise would take many hours to work through manually. It still very much needs that human element to maximise its potential, and that’s how it should be.

What we can guarantee with AI is that it is here to stay, with some companies spending millions on artificial intelligence projects, such is their commitment to integrating this into their futures. It’s about being proactive to show that some tasks still need someone to drive them, rather than something. The opportunities are literally endless when you think about the potential AI has, but for the meantime, it will continue to work alongside us as an ally, not as a job taker.

Greater Work with Artificial Intelligence

Using great tools like EngageIQ means the argument for the development of useful AI has many more positive outcomes than negative. What marketer or salesperson wouldn’t want a huge, evolving, dataset to work with? Presenting and highlighting unique opportunities is effortless with intelligent, machine learning AI by your side. The ethos is about working together for that better outcome, to improve sales pipeline and create more opportunities to prospect.

That’s how we look at the great AI debate, something to really make a difference for you and your company. Why not learn more about EngageIQ and contact us to book a demo today.