Many philosophical minds are contemplating where AI is going to strike first, will it take our jobs? Our relationships? Wage war? It seems it has made its first move already and I fear the battle against our superior robot counterparts is already lost. AI has struck in the form of Squadguru, finishing this year in the top 1% of the Fantasy Premier League. With this technology only getting better, it is likely that in the coming seasons it could be pushing on for the top spot. A terrible blow, without Fantasy football I for one will have to come up with a new activity for those lulls in the working day…I mean my lunch breaks.

Squadguru was masterminded by our very own AI expert Dr Sarvapali (Gopal) Ramchurn alongside Dr Tim Matthews at the Centre for Machine Intelligence in Southampton. “Squadguru taps into Bayesian Machine Learning techniques and a combinatorial optimisation algorithm to select players that will boost overall performance.” (futureworlds). Featured on the BBC last May it certainly has made a splash and just goes to prove that AI is easing into our everyday lives. This is the exact same technology that is used inside our sales software EngageIQ and instead of ruining our chances of winning Fantasy Football is actively helping salespeople to hit their targets.

To see the full article and some of the selections it made head over to Future Worlds. Over the course of the season Squadguru aggregated 2,270 points, certainly better than myself but how did it do against you?