Freddie Marryat, Marketing Manager, EngageIQ

16 April 2020

It’s a blessing to have a committed team of SDRs who are motivated to get after their targets. You want to help them in any way you can. It’s why you spend time imparting your knowledge and experience in training sessions. It’s also why you equip your team with the best prospecting tools on the market. 

Great prospecting tools accelerate the process and make sure SDRs are contacting the right people at the right companies. In other words, they don’t just give your reps a target to aim at; they improve the speed and accuracy of their shooting. 

If you want to equip your inside sales team to exceed their goals, here is the exact prospecting tool stack our teams use every day. 

Our Sales Team’s Prospecting Stack

These are the tools that sales reps at EngageTech and EngageIQ use to find prospects.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

If there’s one tool that our reps use more than any other, it’s Linkedin Sales Navigator. This premium version of Linkedin gives SDRs all the help they need to find relevant prospects. 

  • Filters can be used to quickly find a list of potential prospects to message and follow. 
  • Sales preferences let reps set parameters that Linkedin will use to suggest suitable prospects. 
  • Real-time sales updates let reps know what’s going on with the prospects in their pipelines.

Sales Navigator customers also get up to 50 InMail messages per month and access to the TeamLink tool that lets users leverage their team’s combined network.  


Lusha gives our sales teams access to the B2B contact information they need to reach out to prospects. 

The Lusha Chrome extension works with Linkedin and other websites to find the most up-to-date contact information for individuals and companies. The extension syncs with Salesforce, allowing reps to create or update contact information with one click. Lusha even provides email verification to make sure emails get through. 

In the opinion of digital marketer Lilach Bullock, “It is, quite literally, the absolute easiest way of getting a person’s contact information. It takes seconds and the data is always very accurate – at least as far as I’ve used it, it’s pulled up the right information in every single case.”

“It is, quite literally, the absolute easiest way of getting a person’s contact information. It takes seconds and the data is always very accurate – at least as far as I’ve used it, it’s pulled up the right information in every single case.”


SalesLoft is the market-leading sales engagement platform and the primary way our sales reps stay on top of their sales cadences. Every prospect gets added to SalesLoft, along with the cadence the rep is using. 

Reps don’t have to worry about keeping track of every individual prospect as a result. A quick look at SalesLoft will let them know who they need to contact today and which medium they need to use. The platform can even be used to automatically send personalized emails without reps having to lift a finger.

Vonage (New Voice Media)

We use Vonage (formerly New Voice Media) as our VoIP of choice. It boasts several features that our teams have found particularly useful. Like most VoIP systems, managers can track and record the calls of every agent. Managers can use this data for training purposes, as well as to make sure reps are hitting their target. 

The system also integrates with Salesforce, allowing reps to click a number within the CRM and take the call on their smartphone. Importantly, our calls show up as real numbers. This increases the chances of reps getting through to decision-makers and makes it easy for prospects to call them back. We even have dedicated international phone lines that allow our reps to give the impression they are calling from another country, even if they are still in our UK office.


Every sales department needs a CRM system and most use Salesforce. We’re no different. In fact, it’s estimated that Salesforce has a 20% market share of the CRM market. Frankly, it’s no wonder. Their cloud-based platform is flexible enough for companies of all sizes. And because it’s the market leader, companies like Lusha make sure they integrate with Salesforce before any other CRM. 

Our teams track every prospect using Salesforce, making use of automation and integration features to streamline their workflows as much as possible.

3 More Prospecting Tools SDRs May Find Useful

Above is the stack that our teams use every day. But there are other tools that we use from time to time and plenty more that other inside sales teams may find helpful. Here are three more of our favourites.


Leadfeeder is an innovative tracking platform that lets marketing and sales teams generate leads from people who have looked at your website, regardless of whether they entered they signed up to your mailing list or submitted a contact form. 

The app’s tracking script runs in the background alongside Google Analytics and identifies the companies of unknown website visitors. It also tracks the pages they visited, how long they stayed on the website and other metrics, which allow marketing and sales teams to pre-qualify users.

Leadfeeder will even pull up the contact information of employees from the companies who visited your website. You can use that contact information or one of the other tools in this list to identify the decision-maker and reach out. is an email discovery tool that can be used alongside Lusha. The platform claims to have indexed over 100 million email addresses. Each email address is scored, so you can make sure you’re contacting the person most likely to respond. You can also verify the deliverability of email addresses to make sure your don’t email address doesn’t get blacklisted. 

Unfortunately, no longer integrates with Linkedin, but it still works on many company websites. You can also use the platform’s search function to find an email address using their name and company. 


Whether you are targeting early-stage startups or blue-chip corporations, Crunchbase can help sales reps find the business information they need to contact the right people. Reps can leverage the platform’s search function to filter business by funding, date of founding, industry and many more.

Contact information is widely available, as are the organizational structures of many of the companies in the database. You can even track buying signals or trigger events to reach out to prospects at just the right time.

EngageIQ as a Prospecting Tool

All of the tools listed above make it a lot easier for SDRs to prospect effectively. But they still require SDRs to go out there and find prospects. That’s what makes EngageIQ different. Our platform does all of the heavy lifting. 

Using intelligent purchase intent data, EngageIQ finds relevant companies within our database and sends them directly to your reps. SDRs get everything they need to contact prospects, including the reasons why they may be interested in your product, who you should speak to, their direct dial and the best time to call. 

EngageIQ is one of the smartest ways to improve the performance of your SDR team. By hand-delivering high-quality prospects, EngageIQ allows reps to spend more time speaking to the right people and less time clicking through Linkedin bios. You’ll see the impact immediately; targets will be broken and pipelines will grow. 

Engage IQ is a core part of many B2B companies’ prospecting tech stack. Speak to our team today if you want to make it part of your tech stack, too. 


Images by: Mika Baumeister, Proxyclick Visitor Management System, Zan