Freddie Marryat, Marketing Manager, EngageIQ

One way to improve your cold email is to send dozens of emails a day, hundreds of emails a month for six months straight. Another is to copy what works for other SDRs.

If your targets don’t give you time to do the former, we’re going to show you how to improve your cold email results in less than a minute.

Keep it Short and Simple, Stupid

Just like this article, the best emails are short and sweet. We’re talking four or five lines at the most. Make sure to include:

  • An enticing subject line
  • A couple of personalised sentences
  • A one-line pitch of what you’re selling
  • A soft call to action

Be Ridiculously Personable 

Personalised cold emails increase transaction rates by 600%, according to Refract. We recommend tailoring the subject line and first couple of sentences to your prospect, at the very least. 

Scour your prospect’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for inspiration. Look at what they’ve posted and commented on; check out where they used to work; read their bio; see what music or sports teams they like. All this information is invaluable when personalising a cold email.

The more you personalise, the better. Just look at this email by James Davies and the positive response he received.

Softly, Softly Catchy Monkey

We’ve found the softest Call to Action to be the most effective. Here’s our all-time favourite:

“Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to discuss this further?”

This works because it’s no-orientated. You’ll find it much easier to make a prospect answer with a no than with a yes. Psychologically saying no lets them stay in control of the conversation, while a yes feels like giving up power.

Be Persistent, But Don’t Be a Creep

You need to follow up if you’re going to be successful with cold emails. You need to do so more than once. And you’ll probably need to do it through more than one channel. Personalise where possible or spend some time thinking of something a bit more creative. This follow-up from James Donaldson is a great example:

Respect Your Time

Around half the emails you send aren’t going to be opened. It’s simply not worth your time to create a brand new email from scratch. Use a short, customisable template instead. It will be the difference between sending five personalised emails a day and 20. 

We’ll tell you exactly how to do that in our next email.