Freddie Marryat, Marketing Manager, EngageIQ

As a sales op, you know the importance of equipping your executives and SDRs with the data they need to sell effectively. But not all data is equal. 

There’s the data you can get from LinkedIn or Salesforce — the kind everyone can access. Then there’s intelligent data — the dynamic data that gives salespeople inside knowledge and empowers them to excel.

Intelligent data isn’t something you can get from your CRM — or from any of the other tools in your tech stack, for that matter. Yes, it’s another thing to budget for and another tool for your team to use, but the results far exceed the investment. 

Don’t believe us? Here are four ways intelligent data can have a transformational impact on your sales process.

Spend Less Time Researching More Time Selling

Salespeople spend a shockingly small part of their day selling, about one-third of the day according to Ken Krogue, the founder of 

That’s a problem, especially when it can take 18 or more dials to connect with prospects.

Intelligent data solves this issue by giving your BDRs and sales reps an in-depth report on each prospect. A quick scan of the information will help them understand who the prospect is, why they are interested in your product and everything else they need to have a fruitful conversation. There’s no need to open LinkedIn at all.

“Then there’s intelligent data — the dynamic data that gives salespeople inside knowledge and empowers them to excel”

Find Better Leads Than Your Marketing Department

Only around one-in-three MQLs convert into business meetings. That’s why you task your BDRs with sourcing more high-quality leads. But it’s an unenviable task and one that can eat up a large chunk of their time.

A good intelligent data platform makes finding great leads significantly easier. BDRs can use the tool to identify segments of the market (like a particular industry) that show high demand for your product and prospect into them.

They’ll also be able to quickly find multiple contacts for each account, increasing the odds that accounts convert to leads.

intelligent data personlises sales calls

Improve Conversion Rates Through Personalisation

Speaking of conversion rates, intelligent data can also improve the odds of moving each account through your funnel. The more relevant the pitch, the more willing a prospect will be to talk again in the future. Whether that is an initial meeting, a demo or closing the deal, BDRs and sales executives need all the information they can get to make their pitch as relevant as possible.

That kind of information is almost impossible to come by on LinkedIn or other prospecting tools, but it is baked into an intelligent data platform. Your reps will have all the information they need to tailor their pitch at their fingertips. 

Better still, they’ll be able to use that information to personalise follow-up emails and content marketing efforts. That’s the other great thing about intelligent data, by the way, it compounds.

Prioritise High-Intent Prospects

Your timing matters in sales. According to research by, between 35% and 50% of sales go to vendors who respond to the prospect’s need first. That means finding which prospects have the biggest need and the highest intent is critical if BDRs and sales executives want to work effectively. 

Rather than guessing or worse, working through your list in alphabetical order, intelligent data platforms use what they already know about accounts to prioritise prospect lists automatically by intent

Supercharging your sales process with intelligent data isn’t as complicated or as expensive as you think. For more information on the power of intelligent data, check out our blog. Or contact one of our consultants to find out how our own intelligent data platform can help your sales team.