Artificial Intelligence and Sales

The future is digital, and we are all having to adapt to the changes that technology is bringing to our lives. Artificial intelligence is the next stage of the technology revolution with AI giving companies the ability to make better decisions, faster.


Engage IQ allows you to bring this ability to your sales team, through their outbound prospecting and sales calls. Our AI and Machine Learning team have been able to leverage EngageTech’s industry-leading database (and the volume of interactions with this) to identify intent within the technology market.

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Engage IQ’s use of Artificial Intelligence in Sales is the Future of Prospecting

  • With a data set incorporating 30,000 UK organisations and 20,000 calls per week generated, EngageIQ has an unrivalled level of data and intelligence being collected and gathered daily with the use of artificial intelligence in sales at the forefront.


  • EngageIQ matches the relevant intelligence within this data set to the clients using the platform. This allows them to know who to prospect in order to increase the number of opportunities that company is generating, forging a close bond with AI for sales calls.


  • As individuals use the platform, they can rank and score the intelligence that they receive. AI will learn from this to then be able to suggest more companies that they should look to highlight, based on where they have seen successes already.


  • With the use of Artificial Intelligence in sales, elements such as a company’s propensity to buy can be identified using a combination of data we have gathered as well as external data sources.


  • The more that Artificial Intelligence and sales teams interact when using the platform, the more that AI can learn from their interaction and improve, making Artificial Intelligence in sales a vital component in prospecting.


Artificial Intelligence and Sales – Working Together

Every sales team needs to find an edge. Artificial Intelligence in sales is the way that users of EngageIQ are finding this and staying ahead of the competition. The AI and Machine Learning technology will empower your team to spend more time having valuable conversations and avoid wasted time on companies that are less likely to purchase.

Artificial intelligence in sales allows the team to be proactive on every sales opportunity, by making faster decisions and getting ahead of the curve. This innovative technology helps to increase performance in the sales team, as the platform highlights companies for the team to target, in turn increasing the opportunities. Combining artificial intelligence and sales delivers an increase in revenue, as you can track ROI effectively and ease target pressures of the sales team. Artificial intelligence and sales will provide an almost immediate impact on your lead generations and sales conversions, as the sales team empower companies to enhance their company.

Engage IQ guides you to the Best Outcome with Cutting-Edge AI for Sales Calls

If you want to use our cutting edge artificial intelligence in sales to increase pipeline and improve forecasting, then book a demo with our AI for sales calls with Engage IQ today. Let us show you exactly how our use of artificial intelligence in sales works will benefit your sales team. We want you to be just as confident as we are that it will improve your lead generation and by joining our ever-growing community, we can begin to train and guide your sales team to new heights. Artificial Intelligence and sales integration is already making a huge difference in all aspects of business, we know this too well; let Engage IQ help level up your sales team, today.