Freddie Marryat, Marketing Manager, EngageIQ

05 May 2020

The beauty of sales is that you can never stop improving. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry or how many sales calls you’ve made; there are always new tricks to learn and new tactics to try. 

Whether you’re a rookie SDR or an experienced inside sales manager, you’re sure to learn a lot by following these sales experts.

John Barrows 

John Barrows describes himself as “the sales trainer to the world’s fastest growing companies.” He’s not wrong. Barrows has provided sales training to companies like Salesforce, Box and Linkedin, and he’s got loads of resources to help you, too.

 Barrows is also the author of I Want To Be In Sales When I Grow Up, a book that aims to elevate the perception of sales by teaching children that it’s a profession they can be proud of. 

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Kevin Beales 

Kevin Beales is the co-founder and CEO of Refract, a revenue intelligence software that can help you to make every conversation count. oo.

 Beales has authored a series of helpful sales books alongside co-founder Richard Smith. These include The SaaS Sales Coaching Blueprint™, The Inside Sales Onboarding Framework™ and Winning With Remote Sales In a Downturn.

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Trish Bertuzzi 

Trish Bertuzzi is the founder and CEO of The Bridge Group, a sales consultancy firm that has helped over 400 B2B tech clients to scale growth through sales development.

Bertuzzi is an inside sales evangelist. She has used her position at The Bridge Group to promote inside sales as “a community, a profession, and an engine for revenue growth.” She is also the author of The Sales Development Playbook. 

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Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is the CEO of Sales Gravy, a global leader in sales training. A thought leader in the industry, Blount hasn’t written just one book about sales — he’s written eight. These include Fanatical Prospecting, Objections, and Message Matters.

Blount is a prolific blogger on the Sales Gravy website and also hosts the Sales Gravy Podcast

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Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is an internationally recognized sales trainer, author and speaker. As a consultant, he won both the 2017 and 2018 Service Provider of the Year Awards for training and development by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

As an author, he has written three books on inside sales. These include his bestseller, Power Phone Scripts, that contains 500 conversations, questions and scripts. He is a frequent speaker at conferences.

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Craig Elias

Craig Elias is one of the leading B2B sales experts in the world. Linkedin ranks him as the number one B2B sales expert in Canada and the number 15 globally. He is also the $1 million winner of a global idea pitch competition, the creator of Trigger Event Selling™ and was the 3,956th person to join Linkedin. 

Elias espouses the importance of timing; it’s the concept on which his Trigger Event Selling™ strategy is based. If you want to learn how to make sure you’re first in the door when a decision-maker is ready to book a meeting, Elias will show you how.

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Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is an award-winning sales strategist and LinkedIn’s #1 Sales Influencer 2020. She was also voted one of Linkedin’s Top Voices in 2018 and has been conducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. She is the author of two books: Nonstop Sales Boom and Honesty Sells.

Francis is the president and owner of Engage Selling Solutions, where she works with companies to generate strong and consistent sales results. 

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Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz is president and founder of Heinz Marketing, a B2B marketing and sales acceleration firm. He is a repeat winner of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers.

Heinz is also the author of six books, including Successful Social Selling and Are You Selling Pants, Or Selling a Dream? He also hosts Sales Pipeline Radio. If that weren’t enough, he regularly shares insightful thoughts and tactics on his company blog

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Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue is the founder and president of (now XANT) and a leading inside sales evangelist. He is known for offering some of the best tips on social selling in the industry and is a prolific author on Forbes. If you want to improve your Linkedin prospecting, his list of resources is one of the best places to start.

Add him to your list for best practices, research, and tips concerning social selling and selling remotely.

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Shabri Lakhani

Shabri Lakhani is the founder of Salesworks, a sales development advisory firm for B2B tech companies. Both she and her company are experts in the inside sales and sales development sectors.

Over the last ten years, Lakhani has worked her way up from an SDR at a fintech company to building and running inside sales and sales development for the third-largest fintech in the world. Few people know what it takes to run an inside sales team as her. 

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Gabe Larson

Gabe Larsen is the VP of growth for Kustomer and a customer experience evangelist. He is also the host of The Customer Service Secrets podcast, a show dedicated to sharing customer service secrets from the world’s leading customer experience professionals.

He may not be explicitly sales-focused, but the tactics he shares can help you engage better with your prospects. 

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Aaron Ross 

Aaron Ross is the co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, an outbound-focused advisory firm that helps clients connect with engaged buyers.

Before that, he built and led Salesforce’s outbound prospecting team. He used that experience to write two books: Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of and Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales.

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Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is the managing partner of Sales For Life and a world leader when it comes to social selling. He is also the creator of the self-professed best prospecting method in the world.

Shank’s Digital Sales Mastery® System is designed to help sales teams improve their online focus, master social media, prospect better online and engage buyers effectively. His method has helped some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and American Express.

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Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto is a B2B pipeline and conversion expert. He is the co-author of Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers (alongside Craig Elias) and his article, “How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle?”, has been voted number one by readers of Top Ten Sales Articles.

He is the founder and the chief value officer of Renbor Sales Solutions Inc, which works with bluechip companies and startups to increase the number and value of opportunities in their pipeline.  

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Richard Smith

Richard Smith is the co-founder of Refract and the head of inside sales. He’s responsible for both SDR and BDM teams, as well as the hiring, onboarding and coaching of sales executives.

If you’re struggling for sales at the moment, Richard has literally written the book on how to succeed with Refract co-founder Kevin Beales: “Winning with Remote Sales in a Downturn.”

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